John Richard Leverenz
Currently residing in Danville, IL
Janice (Jany)
In the last 50 years:
After graduation, I attended Butler University, Danville Community College and 2 years in the navy. While in service, I married Janice (1962), came home from the service and then went back to work for John Leverenz Masonry which my father started in 1949. Jany and I started our family and raised 3 beautiful, wonderful children, Juli, Jill & John, Jr. Juli married Brian Howland (2 children), Jill married Mark Bryant (3 children)and Johnny married Mia Hubbard (2 children). It should be a few years before great grandkids. Ten years ago, Jany and I started a 2nd business which is a masonry and concrete supply business. We have cruised the Caribbean, traveled to Mexico, Maui and snow skied the west including British Columbia and Canada. We are both semi retired, our son John is taking over both businesses. Jany bought an Appaloosa horse and spends her spare time at the farm. I play golf as much as possible, 45 degrees and above.
Chuck Ferris says...
Hey, John. Have really enjoyed getting re-acquainted with you these past couple of years. If you weren't so damn old, I'd move back to Danville just so we could play golf! And drink! And play poker! You say you don't play poker? Oh well, forget it then. (Best to you and Jannie, my friend!)
Pat (Carpenter) Johnson says...
John, We thank you for being supportive and helping make this reunion work. It was fun to have you at the meetings and Steve and I look forward to spending time together with you and Jany at the reunion. Old friends are special people.
Mary (Oreskovich) Holycross says...
Okay, John, here I go with my heartfelt thanks to you for being a part of our committee and contributing so much that is making it a GREAT reunion. We gained so much when 'you came on board', since you've stayed in Danville and done business here all of your life, your many connections certainly were so beneficial for us. Oh, and also, you are a joy to be around! Stay healthy so you can bug the rest of us for years to come.
Tom Major says...
Hey John, It sure was great to spend some time with you during our reunion. As I said to you earlier, when you got involved with the planning of our reunion, I knew it was going to be great. I wasn't disappointed. I also know that Jani worked hard helping out too. Thank you both
Karen (Rice) Lane says...
Johnny, it was great seeing you again after all these years..the Class Reunion was super, thanks to Pat, you, and those on the committe...everything was perfect. Take care of my grandma's house on Kimball St...I can still remember what it looked like inside, with the big coal furnace register in the middle of the dining room and living room...what memories I have of the 50's...You and Jany,take care...HOPE TO SEE YOU IN 2012 LORD WILLING..

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